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April, 2011

2011 Conference Schedule

Conference Technology Reports

MPT covers several technical conferences each year and provides written reports customized to each client’s particular business interests. Each report is in the 30-40 page range and highlights significant observations on technology developments and OEM or supplier business activities. Contact us for additional information and pricing.


International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF 2011)

AVS International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films will be held in San Diego, CA;
May 2-6 2011,

The ICMCTF is internationally recognized as a vibrant technical conference that integrates fundamental and applied research focused on thin film deposition, characterization, and advanced surface modification techniques. ICMCTF is the premier international meeting in the field promoting global exchange of information among scientists, technologists, and manufacturers.

The conference draws more than 700 attendees each year with multiple oral technical sessions and a well attended poster session which is a major component of the technical program.

The conference is organized in different technical symposia to address experimental, theoretical, and manufacturing issues associated with development of new coating materials and processes, dynamics of film growth, development of functional coatings, and evolving approaches to scale-up for commercial applications.

Symposium A


Coatings for Use at High Temperature


Symposium Chairs

Don Lipkin, GE Research, USA,

Ann Bolcavage, Rolls-Royce Corporation, USA,


Addresses coatings and other surface modifications whose primary purpose is to sustain system performance under high-temperature and harsh thermo-chemical environments. These include high-temperature ageing and stress, corrosion (e.g., oxidation, sulfidation, carburization, water-accelerated degradation), catalytic and physical fouling (e.g., coking, ash fouling, slagging), and wear (e.g., abrasion, erosion, impact).  Topics of interest cover the characterization and mechanistic understanding of a wide range of high-temperature degradation phenomena, as well as the materials science and surface process technologies to ameliorate them.  Typical applications span gas/steam turbines, coal, geothermal, and biomass energy conversion, chemical/petrochemical processes, and high-temperature batteries and fuel cells.


A1. Coatings to Resist High Temperature Oxidation, Corrosion and Fouling

Session Chairs:

Ying Zhang
, Tennessee Technical University, USA,
John Nicholls,
Cranfield University, UK,

Lars-Gunnar Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden,

Dmitry Naumenko, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany,

This session spans all aspects of design, processing and performance of coatings to resist elevated temperature oxidation, corrosion and fouling. Topics include composition and processing optimization, effects of applied stress, characterization of coatings and reaction products, new processing methods, and modeling of fabrication and degradation processes (e.g., coating-substrate interdiffusion, thermal cycling, water-accelerated degradation, phase and microstructural stability).  Applications include gas and steam turbomachinery, diesel engines, petrochemical and gasification plants, geothermal energy, waste incinerators, boilers and metal-forming industries. Papers addressing issues as well as solutions are encouraged, with focus on coatings and surface modification.

Invited Speakers:

Jim Smialek, NASA-Glenn, USA,, "Moisture-Induced Desktop Spallation of TBC’s"
Hugh Evans, Birmingham University, UK,, “Oxidation Failure of TBC Systems: An Assessment of Mechanisms”
Michael Schütze, DECHEMA, Germany,, “Coatings for Severe High Temperature Corrosion Conditions”

A2. Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings

Session Chairs:

Richard Wellman
, Cranfield University, UK,

Brian Hazel, Pratt & Whitney,

Rodney Trice, Purdue University, USA,

This session focuses on the development, design, synthesis and applications of thermal and environmental barrier coatings for gas turbines and other high-temperature applications. Topics include process understanding and novel processing methods, characterization of coating microstructures, thermal/optical/mechanical/chemical properties, destructive/nondestructive testing methods, structure-property relationships, residual stresses, ageing phenomena, substrate/coating system effects, and failure mechanisms, including erosion, abrasion, and impact. 

Invited Speakers:

Ping Xiao, University of Manchester, UK, , “Mechanical Characterization of Thermal Barrier Coatings After Thermal Treatments”
Bill Clyne, Cambridge University, UK,, “Effect of (CMAS-assisted) Sintering under Service Conditions on the Thermo-mechanical Stability of Plasma-Sprayed TBCs”
Katherine Faber, Northwestern University, USA, "Synchrotron Studies on Environmental Barrier Coatings"
Sung Choi, Naval Air Systems Command, USA, “Foreign Object Damage Phenomena of Various Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings”

The full conference program can be found here ICMCTF 2011 program.pdf


Vancouver, BC, Canada |
June 6-10, 2011
Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Plan now to join more than 3,000 turbomachinery colleagues from around the world at ASME TURBO EXPO, ASME’s premier turbine technical congress and exposition, set for June 6-10, 2011, in Vancouver, Canada, at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Turbo Expo has a well-earned reputation for bringing together the best and brightest experts from around the world to share the latest in gas turbine technology, research and development, and application. To address the world's increasing energy demands, IGTI's leadership is broadening the scope of the ASME Turbo Expo technical program to include related technical topics in Steam Turbines, Wind Turbines, Fans & Blowers and Solar Brayton & Rankine Cycle.

Turbo Expo 2011 highlights include:

  • A five-day Technical Conference that sets the world standard for turbine technology events
  • A three-day, premium exhibition of turbine products and services supported by leading companies in the industry
  • A dynamic keynote session featuring prominent industry leaders
  • A value-packed registration package that includes proceedings, access to all activities and abundant networking opportunities, including receptions and daily lunches

MPT will Chair two sessions at the IGTI 2011 Turbo-Expo. Session 16-1 is a technical paper session on Thermal Barrier Coating Processes and Performance and Session 16-10 is a panel on Advanced Coating Processes. More information on the technical program can be found at

Thermal Barrier Coatings III – Irsee, Germany

August 7-12, 2011
Irsee, Germany

About This Conference

Thermal barrier coatings are complex, multi-layered, and multi-material systems with many variants related to composition, processing and microstructure. Further understanding of the science and behavior of these materials that will result in the successful advancement of the technology requires a truly multidisciplinary approach.

This conference will be third in series of conferences sponsored by ECI at Irsee, Germany (2003 and 2007) on Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs). Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) Systems continue to be a key materials technology that offers great benefit to the operation of gas turbine aircraft engines, gas turbine shipboard engines, land base industrial gas turbine engines, and recently diesel reciprocating engines. The technology associated with TBC has progressed steadily since the introduction of these coatings over forty years ago. It is noteworthy that research in thermal barrier coatings has accelerated greatly in the past ten years and that this research has resulted in the commercial and military use of new bond coats, low conductivity coatings and coatings that resist degradation induced by environmental deposits ingested into the engine. Current research includes development of prime-reliant TBCs, TBCs for ceramic matrix composites, and recently TBCs that will resist reaction with volcanic ash. Thermal barrier coating systems are now key elements in the design of new and advanced engines and are enabling many new designs with improved efficiencies and higher thrusts. Extensive research and development of TBCs is being carried out in every major industrialized country by industry, academia, and national institutions and laboratories.

Since the last conference, research activity has continued to increase and the successful implementation of new and advanced coating systems has been achieved. Several technologies that were in the developmental phase and reported on at the prior two ECI TBC Conferences are now being deployed and will be discussed. Also since the last conference, research activities in TBCs have greatly increased in Japan and China.

The conference will address the multi-disciplinary nature of thermal barrier coatings and will attempt to bring together those who have expertise in specific aspects of the materials involved, processing, mechanics of degradation, interfacial and bulk diffusion, newer materials as alternatives to yttria stabilized zirconia, fundamentals of high-temperature oxidation, and other degradation mechanisms such as CMAS attack, thermal conductivity, and the basics of thermal transport, high temperature creep and sintering phenomena and engineering design.

Poster Award
Poster prizes will be awarded to the best three posters submitted by students.

Publication of Abstracts
Abstracts will be published in the conference program book, available to all participants at the time of the conference.  

Conference Organization

Conference Chair:
Dr. Michael J. Maloney
Pratt &Whitney, USA (Tel:+1-860-557-2076; Email:

Conference Co-Chairs:
Dr. Uwe Schulz, German Aerospace Center (
Dr. David Rickerby, Rolls-Royce UK (Email:
Dr. Ram Darolia, GE Aviation (Retired) (Email:
Dr. Odile Lavigne, Onera DMSM/MAT (Email:
Dr. Hideyuki Murakami, National Institute for Materials Science (Email:
Prof. Hongbo Guo, School of Materials Science and Engineering Beihang University (formerly Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) (Email:

International Advisory Committee
Prof. Kevin Hemker, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Prof. Yukata Kagawa, University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Chistoph Leyens, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Professor Carlos Levi, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Professor David Clarke, Harvard University, USA
Professor Arthur Heuer, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Professor John Nicholls, Cranfield University, England
Prof. Nitin Padture, Ohio State University, USA
Dr. Robert Miller, NASA Glen, USA
Dr. David Shifler, ONR, USA
Dr. Joan Fuller, AFOSR, USA
Prof. Brian Gleeson, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Prof. Matthias Oechsner, Technische Universität Darmstadt, MPA, Germany
Dr. Don Lipkin, GE Global Research. USA
Prof. Tresa Pollock, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Dr. David Litton, Pratt & Whitney, USA
Dr. Dongming Zhu, NASA, USA

International Thermal Spray Conference (ITSC-2011)

ASM Intl TSS International Thermal Spray Conference, September 27 - 29, 2011 Congress Center Hamburg, Germany

The DVS Congress and DVS Expo in 2011 will be a major interdisciplinary event that offers information conveyance in theory and practice as well as entertainment in new dimensions: in an interdisciplinary environment before the maritime backdrop of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. 

"Different days, different markets" – for this kind of intensive exchange of expert knowledge, an invitation is being issued to all experts, to come to Hamburg for the ITSC 2011, by the following organizations: DVS – German Welding Society, the ASM Thermal Spray Society (TSS) and the International Institute of Welding (IIW).

With it’s interlinking of the related, renowned conferences and exhibitions from the field of joining and cutting technology, the ITSC subscribes to a state of the art concept, in order to identify and address novel applications and new users for thermal spray coatings. Here, the DVS Congress 2011, in conjunction with the ITSC 2011, is at internationally renowned level in the areas of user orientation, conveying industry knowledge and the exchange of experiences and up-to-date specialized trade information. 

The essential focus of the event, here, is not only on a practically oriented coupling of research, technology and qualification / training, but in particular on generating interest among the various enterprises for an integrated kind of technical-scientific information exchange.

To reinforce the position of Thermal Spray in its existing and future markets, the ITSC 2011 offers very practically oriented "application highlights", among others also in the area of "maritime technologies" as an example of growing and future applications of Thermal Spray.



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