Professional Links

The International Gas Turbine Institute
IGTI of ASME is dedicated to supporting the international exchange and development of information to improve the design, application, manufacture, operation and maintenance, and environmental impact of all types of gas turbines, turbomachinery and related equipment.

ASM International,
the Materials Information Society, is the premiere resource for information and networking for materials engineers, scientists, researchers, teachers, and students. ASM’s mission is to benefit the materials community by providing scientific, engineering and technical knowledge, education, networking and professional development.

The Metallurgical Society of AIME
The mission of TMS is to promote the global science and engineering professions concerned with minerals, metals, and materials.

Balance Enterprise Solutions, LLC
Balanced Enterprise Solutions (BES) is a full service consulting firm with multi-industry experience across numerous projects and locations. BES services range from continuous improvement through Lean Manufacturing Systems along with cellular plant layouts and Relocations, Business Assessment in targeted arenas, and Workforce Training.

Ti-Coating, Inc.
Ti-Coating, Inc. was established in 1975 to provide new and innovative thin film coating technology, service and equipment to the metal removal and metal forming industries.

Over the past 30 years Ti-Coating, Inc. has continued to improve coating processes originally developed for the carbide cutting tool industry. Vapor Phase Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning or HFIC, was introduced in 1985 as a method to clean gas turbine super-alloys. This is a process step in preparation for the repair of cracks and other damage found in field run high temperature gas turbine engine components. HFIC is commonly used today as a process for aerospace as well as land based power generating gas turbines. Ti-Coating, Inc. developed CVD Aerospace Engine Aluminide Coating equipment as a compliment to our HFIC Cleaning equipment and to better serve the Aerospace Engine Industry.  Today, Ti-Coating’s Bell Style CVD Aluminide Coating Equipment is considered the premier equipment available for applying this process technology.


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